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Sorry I'm Weird: Image

In this sketch series from Artie O'Daly, someone in each short is always just a bit off - or dealing with someone they think is, well, weird.

Artie on "Sorry I'm Weird": "I think everyone has had a moment where you’re having a conversation with somebody and you think, ‘This should be a sketch.’  Or perhaps that’s just the way I think.  But either way, I have a list of dozens of sketch ideas stored on my phone and wanted to film them during a break between ‘Bad Boy’ seasons.  I wanted them to be light, simple, yet hold onto the same objectives I have with my web series, which is to include gay themes and characters that are woven into the story without necessarily being THE story.

I’ve learned through making them, however, that I can’t help but think in terms of a series.  In this case, it’s not a plot line woven throughout but a theme.  Somebody is always dealing with somebody whom they don’t quite get - or perhaps they are that person.  Lessons are sometimes learned; sometimes they’re close to being learned before the character regresses entirely.  And sometimes I’m literally dealing with another version of myself who’s even weirder than I am.

I think everyone is pretty weird when you break it down.  We all have our quirks, our fandoms, our ways of communicating that someone else doesn’t understand.  And to say ‘Sorry I’m Weird’ can be taken both has an apology for one’s behavior or an excuse for it, but it doesn’t say they want to change it.  People are who they are - and, in my opinion, they’re weird.  This is basically saying ‘sorry not sorry’ for being one’s self."

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Sorry I'm Weird: Image
Adopt-A-Gay ("Sorry I'm Weird" Comedy Short)
Sorry I'm Weird: Video Player
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