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Scott lives a quiet, boyfriend-less life writing in Los Angeles until an awkward meeting with a sexy bad boy leads to him getting entangled with the whole family, complete with simmering sibling rivalries, a mysterious murder, and the FBI on their tail. As the boys adopt him as their "Daddy Scott", he gets further involved in their hilariously crazy lives, where things never go as he expects and people are often not who they seem to be.

Artie on "Bad Boy": "The show grew from a couple of sketches into a sitcom simply because those initial shorts were so popular.  In writing the show, I wanted queerness to be prevalent in the various characters but never be the point of conflict.  The bad boys and their families come from a conservative area of America yet they completely accept - and are accepted for - all elements of their sexualities.  In that, I'm writing a version of the world as I think it should be.  This allows the story to be about LGBTQ+ characters while the plot is a semi-absurd, Odd Couple-esque, "Will & Grace"-meets-"Clue", ensemble comedy.  Topics like Scott being labeled a 'daddy' or tipping into sexual territory with the bad boys are true to a middle-aged gay man, but are present only to complicate Scott's involvement with a criminal family.  My goal is to tie sexy and funny together, to walk a line between reality and absurdity.  Sexy and funny.  That's the goal and, hopefully, that's the show."

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Bad Boy: Image
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